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About the TEACHER

Hi!  I have been teaching children (from 3 years old) to adults for over 23 years in Japan. Enjoyable, relaxed and customized classes designed to fulfill your wishes and fit your needs.
I was born in beautiful Hawaii U.S.A.  I graduated from schools in Honolulu.  Attended the University of Hawaii and graduated from a private college in New York City, USA.
Came to lovely Japan about 30 years ago.  Before coming to Wakayama, I taught at several Prefectural High Schools and Municipal Junior High Schools in Aichi Prefecture with the AET program.  Have also taught at YMCA, nursery school, kindergarten & company classes.

About the School:

Established in March 1983, in Aichi-ken, Tsushima City.  Now located in Wakayama City just North of Kawanabe Bridge (near the border to Kinokawa City).
Contact us:
TEL&FAX: 073-462-7843

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Me in the classroom

ギャリー ナコウ 先生
Private Teacher Gary Nako